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Does your bed mattress look dirty and smell dingy? It’s probably because it’s too old? But why throw it out when we at Posh Clean have the right cleaning service? Our mattress cleaning services in London are what you need, not a new and expensive mattress. And who says only old ones require cleaning? New mattresses need regular cleaning as well to keep their good looks and comfort.
Call us right now on 020 3151 0939 to ensure you get a good night sleep!

Why clean your mattress?

We at Posh Clean know just the right answer- regular mattress cleaning is a must. We understand how important our bed is as well as the mattress. Unfortunately many customers are not aware of how much dust mites, fungi, mould and other potentially harmful bacteria’s their mattress accumulates throughout its lifespan. Thus cleaning it at least once a year is at the highest importance.
So do not put your health at risk, trust our mattress cleaning London experts and we guarantee to breathe a fresh air into your mattress and improve your lifestyle.

Our Mattress Cleaning Experts in London

Our cleaning experts are highly experienced and motivated to clean your mattress regardless of the material they are made of. They use eco friendly and biodegradable cleaning products and solutions which are not harmful in any way and safe to use at home. Our London mattress cleaning service promotes cleanliness, immaculate finish and brilliant results- and there are no hidden surprises!

Why Choose Our Mattress Cleaners in London?

The only surprise you will get once we clean your mattress is, wow how clean my mattress is! Besides that you get a lot more that just the next cleaning service for your home. We know it’s important to trust your cleaning provider to offer you the best deal and highly professional cleaners. You can always rely on Posh Clean to get one of the best mattress cleaning services in London because we offer:

  • Expert and well-trained cleaners
  • Top-notch steam cleaning equipment
  • Eco-friendly detergents
  • Fair prices
  • Flexible booking appointments

How To Contact Us

The surest way to get your home mattress clean is to call Posh Clean today on 020 3151 0939. One of our assistants will take your call and help you book a service with us. We run a 24/7 line for your convenience and can arrange bookings at short notice at no additional cost for you. If you have questions regarding our services we will be glad to answer them. Don’t forget to inquire about your free quote as well. You can reach us via our online contact form as well!

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