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Hire a Cleaner For One Working Day Only £160

Innovation is what drives our cleaning company forward we have therefore decided after careful consideration to introduce a new cleaning service we strongly believe will be beneficial to every household’s needs when it comes down to professional cleaning and ironing.
Hiring a cleaner on 020 3151 0939 within one working day for the cost of £160 is cleaning service aimed to help with the cleaning chores that the regular domestic cleaning cannot due to the limitation of the cleaning hours allowed per single cleaning visit.

Benefits of Hiring a Cleaner For One Day

Choosing this cleaning service is cost effective and will allow you to focus on other things in life that matter over the constant thought of cleaning your home lurking in the back of your mind.
Posh Cleans’ cleaner for one day will work around the clock and ensure every nook and cranny is carefully cleaned making sure you will come to a freshly cleaned and organised home. The opportunities with this cleaning service are endless our house cleaners for one day can also help with:

  • Help with packing your belongings if you are moving home. They will simply follow orders and be extremely careful packing your life away.
  • Help unpack your boxes full with your belongings into your new home and precisely put them away in accordance to your instructions and specifications.
  • They can clean your storages, for example rearrange your cupboards, kitchen drawers or wardrobes, as the content will be taken out and cleaned inside the cupboard, drawer and wardrobe. After that they will put your belongings back in a perfect order and leave you with refreshed kitchen or bedroom’s storage.
  • Cleaning basements and lofts is our cleaner for one day specialty and they will help with utmost pleasure if for example if your wine cellar is in need of a proper dusting or there is a need of cleaning behind the bed in your loft, where your kids have been playing or storing their toys.
  • This cleaning service will ensure top to bottom property cleaning as well as tidying and rearranging your home should there is a need for it. And if your laundry room is the one our cleaner needs to pay more attention to, all you have to do is ask away.

Investing time in extensive training we spare no effort in ensuring our cleaners for one day are trained, motivated and prepared to work in your home demonstrating their cleaning skills and attention to detail. They will be uniformed and behave professionally and will comfortably working while you are in your home and just as well as when you are not present. Our cleaner’s will follow instructions or work against our professional domestic cleaning checklist.
Hire a cleaner for one day and leave your load of ironing you so desperately need ironed to our professional representative and rest assured it will be handled with utmost professionalism and competence. Just another load of your mind!

Why Hire a Cleaner For a Day?

In our busy world of work and family engagements we find little time to spare for cleaning and house chores. In the back of our minds, we calculate the hours we spend working away from home and how we wish when to return to a freshly cleaned and organised home, only if we could find the time to clean it ourselves. We believe this is achievable. All you have to do is open the door for your cleaner for a day and spend 10 minutes briefing and leave your home with a smile as she/he will work its magic.

The most common perception is that hiring a domestic cleaner is expensive and unaffordable. But the ever so growing competition has allowed Cleaning Companies London to think outside the box and tailor their cleaning service making them affordable, cost effective and available to everyone. We will charge £160 for one working day of 6 hours and there will be no hidden or any other charges.

By offering this cleaning service we believe our clients will benefit from its flexibility. Our cleaners for one day can help with various cleaning chores, as well as other tasks around your home, of course depending on your immediate needs.

The cleaning products are made mainly from plants and natural products. They are safe to be used in your home environment even around people with allergies. They don’t contain any harmful agents and won’t cause any harm. The cleaning products are not tested on animals.

You can have this cleaning service in conjunction to your regular domestic cleaning service. Like that you don’t have to be at home to let the cleaner in or brief it prior to the cleaning commencement. We can coordinate both cleaner’s schedules and the cleaner for one day will pick up from where your regular domestic cleaner has left off. So, if you are thinking about deep spring cleaning of your home you can have two cleaning services for one day. One will ensure your regular standard of cleaning is achieved and another that will clean your home in dept.

At a glance:

  • Time saving cleaning service
  • Affordable, cost effective and available to everyone cleaning service
  • Flexible and well organised cleaning service
  • Two cleaning services for one day

How Much You Pay?

You pay the single fee of £160 for a whole 8 hours working day and there will be no hidden costs or any other charges applied to this cleaning service.

What is Included in “Hire a House Cleaner for a Day”

This cleaning service involves top to bottom deep and professional cleaning of your property. You can provide your own checklist in conjunction to the list we have created. If you would require other help apart from the cleaning service that comes with this cleaning service, please specify during the booking process, allowing our administrative to schedule a cleaner in accordance to your needs.

Are there any specific terms and conditions booking this cleaning service?

Our terms and conditions:

1. Cost
There will be a one-off charge for the amount of £160.00 paid prior to the cleaning service commencement. Payment is due prior to the cleaning commencement in a form of a bank transfer/ standing order or major credit/debit cards (UK only) payment.

2. Refunds
No refund claim will be entertained once the cleaning service has been carried out.

3. Cleaning materials
The cleaning materials such as (towels, gloves, clothes, solutions and detergents) and equipment (vacuum cleaner, mop, iron board, broom, brush etc.) must be provided by the Client. All equipment must be safe to operate in full working order and must not require any special skills to be used for the purpose of cleaning.

4. Cancellation
There is a £30.00 late cancellation / lock out fee for cancelling or rescheduling a visit with less than 24 hours’ notice.

5. Complimentary terms
Please note that while we aim to accommodate every request, heavy lifting of any kind is not advisable and should not be attempted. Our cleaners will take care of your washing but setting up a washing machine cycle or dishwashing machine cycle should be completed by the Client prior to the cleaner’s visit. Otherwise, be advised that our cleaning representatives shall not be liable for any damages resulting in neglecting that part of our agreement.

Our guarantee!

Posh Clean has built its business and reputation by providing its clients with the best possible cleaning services available. Still, the Company realises, that because its operatives are human beings, they sometimes make mistakes. For this reason, the Company offers you a guarantee. If the Client is not satisfied with the Company’s service for any reason, the Company’s operatives will come back to the Client’s home and re-clean to his complete satisfaction, if any issues are reported within 24 hours of cleaning service completion.
To book this cleaning service, please contact our office on 020 3151 0939

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